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How We Create Our Reviews

The process of how we create a review always includes three steps. 

1. We Pick A Product, Service Or Company To Review

​The first step in our process of creating a review is to select the right product, service or company to review. We only create reviews of products, services and companies we have first-hand experience with, or if it's a product, service or company we are willing to give a try ourselves. Also, we won't review something if there already are high-quality, helpful reviews of that particular product, service or company out there.

2. We Research The Product, Company Or Service

In the second phase, we investigate the chosen product, service or company. If we don't have experience with it yet, we make sure to get first-hand experience. In addition to trying the product, service or company ourselves, we also take a look at other people's reviews of the product, service or company we're reviewing.

3. We Write The Review

The last thing we do when reviewing a product, service or company is writing the actual review. Here we combine our own findings and experiences with factual data and reviews of other experts and real customers of a product, service or company. After having written a review, we regularly update the review to ensure it continues to provide the most relevant information and advice.

We have one simple goal and that is to help our visitors make informed buying decisions. Therefore, should you have any questions regarding a product, service or company that we've reviewed, we invite you to get in touch with us using our contact form. We will try to answer your questions as best we can and as quickly as possible.

We have reviewed all kinds of products, services and companies, from online courses to web hosting providers, and from eBooks to domain name registrars.

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