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About Flywheel

Flywheel is a provider of managed WordPress hosting services that are optimized for designers and agencies. According to Flywheel’s About page, the company was founded in 2012 with the mission to make it easier for web designers and web developers to build and launch WordPress websites. Flywheel is located in Omaha, Nebraska and employs over 85 people. More than 50,000 individuals and companies currently host their WordPress websites with Flywheel.

Flywheel’s customer support channels

  • Phone
  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Ticketing system

Flywheel’s products and services

Flywheel offers several managed WordPress hosting plans. Below is an overview of Flywheel’s single site plans. All of Flywheel’s single site plans are hosted on VPS servers and come with free site migration, a free SSL certificate, and no overage charges. More information about Flywheel’s bulk plans can be found on this page.

Plan nameMain featuresPrice
Tiny5,000 monthly visits
5GB disk
250GB bandwith
Most of Flywheel's features
Monthly: $15/month
Yearly: $11.25/month
Personal5,000 montly visits
10GB disk
500GB bandwith
Free staging sites
All of Flywheel's features
Monthly: $30/month
Yearly: $22.50/month
Professional25,000 montly visits
10GB disk
500GB bandwith
Free staging sites
Free CDN
All of Flywheel's features
Monthly: $75/month
Yearly: $56.25/month

Flywheel web hosting performance

Although Flywheel states on their website (at the bottom of this page) that they have an impressive uptime, we haven’t yet been able to find stats to verify this.

Flywheel prices

The prices of Flywheel’s single site hosting plans can be found in the above table. For the prices of Flywheel’s bulk plans, please see this page.

In general, Flywheel’s prices are below average compared to similar managed  WordPress hosting providers.

Flywheel Screenshots

Flywheel Reviews by Experts 


“Flywheel offers a solid managed hosting experience at near-budget prices. There are cheaper alternatives out there, but few can match Flywheel when it comes to overall quality of service.”  Full Flywheel review 

Pros of Flywheel, according to ThemeIsle

  • Great collection of WordPress-specific (and security) options
  • Good customer support
  • Fast and reliable performance
  • Daily backups
  • Multiple advanced features for freelancers and agencies

Cons of Flywheel, according to ThemeIsle

  • Higher pricing than some similar companies, especially if you are planning on hosting multiple websites

WhoIsHostingThis NO RATING

“Flywheel offers a specialized form of hosting that caters to designers — allowing them to focus on their clients and not the technical aspects of web hosting.” Full Flywheel review 

Pros of Flywheel, according to WhoIsHostingThis

  • Specialized in managed WordPress hosting
  • Comes with client management tools for web designers

Cons of Flywheel, according to WhoIsHostingThis

  • Not a traditional hosting company

“Whether you’re a web designer, developer, or simply someone looking to start your own website, FlyWheel is a service you can count on.”  Full Flywheel review 

Pros of Flywheel, according to

  • Handles the entire website migration process for free
  • You can access all your websites from one dashboard
  • Flywheel automatically backs up your files and stores them safely
  • Flywheel includes a one-click staging feature

Cons of Flywheel, according to

  • There are some WordPress plugins that Flywheel doesn’t allow on its servers for security reasons


“Flywheel is the kind of host you wouldn’t want to change. They are perfect for bloggers, agencies, and small business” Full Flywheel review 

Pros of Flywheel, according to WPKube

  • Quick page loading
  • Easy scalability
  • Experienced and knowledgeable staff of WordPress experts

Cons of Flywheel, according to WPKube

  • Lacks the clout of big WordPress hosting providers
  • Higher pricing than shared web hosting
  • Dashboard can be overwhelming for new users


“This is really a very nice hosting company. They do things differently than most other options, which is not necessarily a bad thing.” Full Flywheel review 

Pros of Flywheel, according to HostAdvice

  • Very stable
  • User-friendly company
  • Custom hosting options

Cons of Flywheel, according to HostAdvice

  • Overpriced
  • WordPress hosting only

The Bottom Line

Most commonly mentioned pros of Flywheel

  • Comes with a lot of great tools and features
  • Good customer support

Most commonly mentioned cons of Flywheel

  • Higher pricing than regular web hosting

Flywheel Alternatives

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