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About Instapage

Instapage is a landing page platform that allows digital marketers and business owners to design and publish landing pages for lead generation and online sales. The company was founded in 2012 by Tyson Quick with the mission to continually lower the cost of online customer acquisition. Instapage is located in San Francisco, Poland, and Romania, and currently employs more than 120 people. Over 600,000 businesses currently use Instapage’s web application.

Instapage’s customer support channels

  • Live chat (available 16 hours a day, monday to friday)
  • Help Center with video tutorials and articles
  • Ticketing system
  • Phone support
  • Email support

Instapage Features

An up-to-date overview of the features of Instapage can be found on this page.

In general, Instapage’s feature set is more advanced than similar landing page platforms.

Instapage prices

Plan namePriceFeatures
BasicMonthly: $39/month
Yearly: $29/month
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ProfessionalMonthly: $69/month
Yearly: $55/month
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PremiumMonthly: $149/month
Yearly: $127/month
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In general, Instapage’s pricing is below average compared to other landing page platforms.

Instapage Screenshots

Instapage Video

Instapage Reviews by Experts

Blogging Wizard

“Instapage is an online tool designed to make landing page creation easy. It comes with plenty of templates and a live editor you can use to change almost any part of a pre-existing template.”  Full Instapage review 

Pros of Instapage, according to Blogging Wizard

  • Straightforward drag & drop functionality with the live editor
  • Option to connect multiple accounts from the same email provider
  • Option to download a CSV file of all of the collected email addresses
  • Option to get notifications when new email addresses are collected
  • Visual editor has undo/redo functionality
  • Option to create special versions of your pages for mobile users
  • Lots of templates with a wide variety of designs

Cons of Instapage, according to Blogging Wizard

  • Although most elements are straightforward to customize, some elements aren’t as easy to customize as they could be
  • No custom HTML form option, which means that you can only integrate with email providers that are currently supported

Income Mesh NO RATING

“Honestly, this was the fastest, easiest to use landing page builder I have tried so far. . . . This [Instapage] is for you if you don’t mind paying a monthly price and don’t want to use popup forms heavily on your page.”  Full Instapage review 

Pros of Instapage, according to Income Mesh

  • Large number of beatifully designed templates
  • Clean and simple interface
  • Easy to change page section heights
  • Great drag and drop functionality
  • Very fast landing page builder

Cons of Instapage, according to Income Mesh

  • Not possible to put elements outside of the container area
  • No Google Fonts available
  • No option to have column elements
  • No pre-made list element
  • Opt-in element has limited styling options
  • Lack of some opt-in form types such as popups and 2-step opt-in forms

Website Planet

“Whether you want to optimise your page for search engines, test pages using A/B split testing tools or capture user data through the use of forms, Instapage has it all…”  Full Instapage review 

Pros of Instapage, according to Website Planet

  • Unspecified

Cons of Instapage, according to Website Planet

  • Unspecified

Top 10 Marketing Software NO RATING

“If you have something to sell, want to build your list, want to increase your webinar registration rate, or otherwise want to promote absolutely anything, Instapage is worthy of your consideration.”  Full Instapage review 

Pros of Instapage, according to Top 10 Marketing Software

  • Instapage’s landing pages are fully mobile responsive
  • “What you see is what you get” drag and drop editor
  • Comes with great integration opportunities

Cons of Instapage, according to Top 10 Marketing Software

  • Split testing is not available on first tier plan
  • No custom code editing on first tier plan

Smart Business Trends

“Instapage is an easy to use cloud based, landing page creation tool, very similar to Leadpages. Its drag and drop editor stands out with its ability to place elements anywhere on the page.”  Full Instapage review 

Pros of Instapage, according to Smart Business Trends

  • Intuitive drag and drop editor
  • Editor supports layers and grouping of elements
  • Extensive selection pre-made landing page templates
  • Option to retrieve CSV file of all leads collected
  • Option to receive notifications when an email address has been collected
  • Mobile-friendly designs
  • 14 day trial available

Cons of Instapage, according to Blogging Wizard

  • Inline CSS editing only possible in Premium plan
  • No direct integration with ConvertKit and Drip
  • One font for headlines and page

The Bottom Line

Most commonly mentioned pros of Instapage

  • Great drag and drop editor
  • Mobile responsive landing pages

Most commonly mentioned cons of Instapage

  • First tier plan has some limitations
  • Insufficient font collection

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